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awali::dyn::internal::aut_or_exp_t Struct Reference

#include <sys.hh>

Public Member Functions

 aut_or_exp_t ()
 aut_or_exp_t (aut_or_exp_t const &other)
 aut_or_exp_t (automaton_t a)
 aut_or_exp_t (ratexp_t e)
 ~aut_or_exp_t ()
aut_or_exp_toperator= (aut_or_exp_t const &other)
bool split_case (automaton_t &a, ratexp_t &e)
 Returns field is_aut and assign either a or e to the content of this. More...

Data Fields

union {
automaton_t aut
ratexp_t exp
bool is_aut = true

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ aut_or_exp_t() [1/4]

awali::dyn::internal::aut_or_exp_t::aut_or_exp_t ( )

◆ ~aut_or_exp_t()

awali::dyn::internal::aut_or_exp_t::~aut_or_exp_t ( )

◆ aut_or_exp_t() [2/4]

awali::dyn::internal::aut_or_exp_t::aut_or_exp_t ( aut_or_exp_t const &  other)

◆ aut_or_exp_t() [3/4]

awali::dyn::internal::aut_or_exp_t::aut_or_exp_t ( ratexp_t  e)

◆ aut_or_exp_t() [4/4]

awali::dyn::internal::aut_or_exp_t::aut_or_exp_t ( automaton_t  a)

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

aut_or_exp_t& awali::dyn::internal::aut_or_exp_t::operator= ( aut_or_exp_t const &  other)

◆ split_case()

bool awali::dyn::internal::aut_or_exp_t::split_case ( automaton_t a,
ratexp_t e 

Returns field is_aut and assign either a or e to the content of this.

Assigned if this contained an automaton_t. Assigned if this contained a ratexp_t.

true if a was assigned, false otherwise

Field Documentation


union { ... }

◆ is_aut

bool awali::dyn::internal::aut_or_exp_t::is_aut = true

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