Another Weighted Automata library
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 Main namespace of Awali.
 Namespace that contains deprecated functions accessible for compatibility with earlier versions.
 Namespace for the dynamical layer of Awali.
 Namespace containing functions to build arbitrary automata context (advanced and mostly undocumented).
 Namespace containing what we call factories, that is, functions that generates a member in a family of automata, rational expression or transducer.
 Implementation details of dyn layer (not stable).
 Namespace containing the functions allowing to execute the state elimination algorithm (aut_to_exp) step-by-step; probably will be moved elsewhere in the future.
 Namespace containtaing facilities for on-the-fly compilation.
 Namespace containing implementation details of elements common to sttc and dyn layers (not stable).
 Namespace that contains helper class and function to allow one algorithm to be choosen at compile time depending on context, among a sorted list of possibly available functions.
 Namespace containing the C++ that simplify type for easier to Python.
 Namespace for the static layer of Awali.
 Namespace containing all available contexts (weigh sets, label sets, etc.).
 Implementation details of static layer (not stable).
 Namespace about static rational expressions.